Event activities often offer, at the entrance, the wearing of a coloured bracelet. This one is made from a particular material called tyvek. It offers certain characteristics very adapted to the event such as robustness. Entrepreneurs appreciate the use of a tyvek bracelet to recognize some people in the crowd quickly. To learn more about this material and the advantages of this tyvek bracelet, read the rest of this article.

Tyvek: presentation of this material

An industrial material

Tyvek is a material made in an industrial factory. It is a non-woven fabric made from polyethylene fibre. This material is used for many objects and particularly for the creation of tyvek bracelets. It is in the form of paper. This has many advantages.

The advantages of tyvek

This subject is a major success thanks to these many positive points. First of all, this one is very light. It is light in colour close to opaque white. Its surface is totally smooth. The paper is rather elastic. It can therefore extend slightly when a person pulls on it. It is almost tear-proof. In addition, this paper is waterproof. This is not always common for a material close to paper. Currently, it is strongly recommended that companies choose recycled or recyclable materials to make new objects. Customers are becoming more and more sensitive to these services and they sometimes check this aspect. The ecological footprint of companies must be reduced. The tyvek bracelet contributes to this since this material is recyclable.

The tyvek bracelet: the advantages for the company

A bracelet adapted for event activities

Many events use the bracelet to quickly recognize people who have passed through a place. It is visually easy to identify. However, to be perfectly adapted, it must contain other interesting advantages for the user company. Tyvek has many strong points: robustness, impermeability, lightness. This material combines, for a material close to paper, unique advantages. Events are an excellent solution for effective communication, as the article from chez entreprise-et-compagnie.fr explains. The tyvek bracelet can be worn all evening on the customer's wrist. Indeed, this one is almost tear-proof. You have to use scissors to cut it. It should normally be able to last 1 or 2 days without falling. They are closed by a very resistant adhesive closure. In addition, customers can spill a glass on their hand or take rain without damaging the bracelet. It is waterproof. The company can therefore rely on tyvek to resist all evening or all day without fear. Customers can be identified throughout the event. The effectiveness of the bracelet is therefore ideal to accompany your customers during a festival, a trade show or a conference, whether these events last a few hours or several days.

A bracelet customizable to the company's tastes

The tyvek bracelet provides the company with extreme resistance during the event, but its main advantage is that it can be customised according to the wishes of the user company. Indeed, it can add its logo or contact details. It can print these texts in colour or in black and white. They are presented in the form of a large blank pre-cut sheet that must then be glued to the customer's wrists. Pre-cutting ensures fast and efficient action for the company. The sheet has 10 bracelets. The company can therefore easily store its bracelets before giving them to customers.