What goodies to plan for a business fair?

Among the first consumers of goodies are trade shows. It is common practice to order cotton canvas bags, more gadgetry items such as key rings, anti-stress products or pens. However, even if the promotional item is a medium with a very high retention rate, if the corporate gifts at the show are poorly selected, it is very unlikely that your customers and prospects will actually use them. This article shows you how to make the right choice of goodies for trade fairs, specialist conferences or symposiums.

The target correlation of the exhibition

First essential factor, it is necessary to think of your trade show goodies according to a particular place. If you need communication by the active object in 2019, your main advice is not to have a large amount of goodies made available during events. In reality, there is much more attractive and cost-effective to carry out specific campaigns depending on the target audience of the conference or exhibition and the number of visitors. This will provide you with two main advantages: first, you can share a suitable product that will certainly please your target audience. Then, you will gain visibility on the quantities to be ordered. The only circumstance where it may be relevant to carry out a large quantity of goodies is for an article such as the custom writing instrument for companies that is easily offered and can be adapted to multiple occasions such as a trade show or a conference. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to remember that the pen will be considered as a complement and not as the main promotional object of your action.

The possibility of re-employment

Second thing to consider when selecting your goodies for trade shows: will the chosen product be virtually reusable and if so, over what period? Many goodies offered at a trade show, such as pens and notebooks, can potentially be reused. However, they are not employable over an endless period of time since they are consumer products. It is therefore highly recommended to find an important and employable product in the long term! In the end, at trade shows, most companies have been offering power banks for several years now, which must be used in the long term. This is a better example of goodies with reusable potential but which in events may not really be used for another reason:

The uniqueness of the goodies distributed

Last important point to take into account: the particularity of the goodies offered. In the context of the trade fair, it is important to favour goodies whose use is classic but whose appearance is particular. However, why make a simple notebook with a polyurethane roof when a bamboo, eco-map or cork notebook exists? This way, your goodies will really leave the comfort zones and offer a good preservation potential at the end of the show, alongside the classic products of your rivals.

Some models of fairy goodies

The key ring for the national real estate fair or Sani

A key ring is not a bad opinion in itself. This accessory can be customized to fit a real estate show, among other things for plans to obtain a private building. In a particular case, a keychain that is really useful can help them remember your brand in a lasting way. Below is a suggestion of key rings that correspond to the salon in question: a plant key ring. A good idea to wish the best for your customers' new projects, the plant expresses the best fortune and renewal. Arranged in a suitable enamelled tank allowing a good humidity of the plant, the key ring model indicated above is a precious gift for new buyers.

A card with a seed pencil for your employees at the Paris fair

The Paris Fair is an opportunity for some companies to reconnect with their employees, influences and customers around this event and a creative atmosphere. To take up a model of the first 5 goodies for this fair, you will discover a much targeted goodies for an appointment with employees, the greeting card with seed pencils. This card is the ideal symbol to express gratitude to customers or partners and to send an effective message about the future. Certainly, all salons with a particular audience and all companies have their targets. What you have to remember is that a relationship between the two is totally found before your convivial moment when you want to cardboard and reside in the heads of your consumers. In this respect, there are many digital communication agencies for each object that are able to assist you quickly and free of charge in the choice of goodies for your gift and event.  
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