In general, trade shows bring together most professionals in the same sector of activity. To this end, during this event, each participant must find the most effective ways to stand out from the others. The layout of its space, for example, must be well designed to ensure good visibility. How to proceed? Explanations on this subject are provided below.

Highlighting advertising media

Advertising media are the first elements that visitors notice during a trade fair. Indeed, it is important to ensure that it is easily accessible and clearly visible to them. To do this, you must choose a counter where you can deposit brochures and catalogues. Banners, banners, pop-ups and totems may interest them, but they contain little information. It is also possible to recruit a hostess to accost them directly. The flagship product or products are also effective seduction tools. They often arouse the curiosity of the targets. The stand itself can be used as a support when it is customized. However, it is important not to clutter it up, for the sake of aesthetics, but also for practical reasons. A counter in a corner in the front and a furling totem pole in the back with a flagship product are enough to make it attractive and clearly visible. In some cases, electronic POS (Point of Sale Advertising) may be required to attract visitors. However, it requires several devices such as multimedia terminals, touch screens, LCD or plasma screens, as well as video projectors.

Use furniture

In addition to advertising media, furniture must be installed in a stand at a trade fair. Their choice should not be insignificant since they are part of the scenery. They must correspond to the other elements that surround it. The different types of furniture adapted to events such as the living room are:
  • Seats (sofas, armchairs, sofas or dustbins), desks and tables used to welcome prospects: they are intended for service providers and retailers
  • The bar equipped with a few stools or standing tables: for professionals in the catering or beverage industry
  • The podium or the hostess bank: for professionals in all specialities combined
To support them, it may be worthwhile to install a flipchart, refrigerator, coffee machine or computers. Having all these materials at your disposal brings an important advantage: it saves you money. For a company that participates in several trade shows throughout the year, they can be adapted to all occasions. Moreover, they are often personalized. In this respect, the furniture used for a living room must reflect its personality (colours, design, materials).

Choose the right colour and style

Colour plays a significant role in the design of a stand at a trade fair. It must correspond to the one representing the exhibitor. However, it is important not to leave the graphic charter in order to allow visitors to easily recognize it. The best solution is to stay on 3 tones, at most. As far as design is concerned, it is inseparable from colour. Like her, it must be simple. Therefore, it must be standardized by modifying the appearance of all the elements that make up the stand. For this purpose, it is possible to dress and transform furniture, for example. For an attractive decor, it is also important to focus on light. Its choice depends on the lighting in the showroom. If it is very bright, it is better to opt for simple and minimalist lamps. If it is dark, the brightness should be adjusted while reducing the shadow areas to a minimum. There are three techniques to attract visitors: Emphasize the lighting on the objects to be highlighted: the product, logo or advertising medium Adapt the light to its sector of activity: it must be soothing for a company specializing in well-being, for example Enhance the staff: the light must not make them look grey (avoid blue on the face)

Pay attention to the location

Before setting up an exhibition stand in a trade fair, the first thing to do is to choose the right location. Even with high-performance advertising materials, if it is poorly placed, it can remain invisible. Organizers often locate service providers in the same industry in the same location. Indeed, to attract the attention of customers, it is necessary to choose a strategic space. It is often more expensive than others, but it provides a quick return on investment. In general, this type of space must be reserved since it is highly sought after by most of the participants in the show. For an exhibitor accustomed to a particular exhibition, this is not essential since the organisers prefer it. If an exhibitor lacks inspiration, he can contact a specialist to help him.