To mark its presence more strongly within an exhibition and to promote its activity and products, umbrella stands are not only characterized by their attractive cost but will also be particularly effective means of communication.

An ideal stand to control your communication and budget

For any exhibitor during an exhibition, being able to communicate and promote their company, products or services represents a significant financial investment. In a space that is often limited and constrained, this category of stands represents a response to be seriously considered, both from an economic point of view and in terms of marketing impact. These are foldable stands that are very easy to set up and offer a visibility worthy of the name to visitors at a very reasonable cost.

Umbrella stands: some arguments to equip yourself

Many practical and aesthetic advantages are associated with this type of stand. The first of these is its smooth installation and its ability to offer a very satisfactory surface to the exhibitor to highlight his company's activities. In addition, this stand is ideal for the layout of a space according to its size and will transform it into a convivial and welcoming place for visitors. An umbrella stand manufacturer like Bread provides various storage solutions that will satisfy exhibitors who have to travel frequently. Thanks to this equipment, it will also be possible to dispense with standby services due to its uncomplicated assembly. Finally, this stand offers a great modularity, which allows it to find its place in most of the places and to display a visual that has nothing to envy to other stands of more classic and hard design.

Make the most of the potential of an umbrella stand in Paris

This stand is a particularly wise investment given its long life and high resistance. Despite the fact that the latter is made of very lightweight materials such as aluminium or carbon fibre, this type of stand is capable of being used for more than ten years. In this field, Breard, a specialist in umbrella stands, will be able to satisfy the most demanding and active professionals at these types of events. Under this term "umbrella" are included various elements that are proven useful during a trade show, such as a reception desk, possible columns or an image wall, depending on the specific needs of the exhibitors. To capture the attention of visitors and make them want to discover the products offered by the company, this stand also comes in shapes and configuration that will allow the exhibitor to showcase his company and communicate effectively about its activities. On this subject, the owner of such a stand will be able to arrange it as he sees fit and by using the marketing tools he deems most appropriate: digital media, presentation of samples, structures with 3D effect, etc... For all these reasons, this stand is really a very useful promotional and commercial tool.