The uses of advertising pens

More and more nowadays, advertising objects are more and more present and their number continues to grow. These objects can be of any kind, cheaper or more expensive, from the most classic to the most imaginative creative. We see all kinds of colours between mugs, notebooks (like those available at for instance), stress balls, toys and even decorative accessories and clothes have joined the dance. And in this article we are interested in timeless advertising objects that are none other than the advertising pens

Advertising pens:  why always so successful?

We are entitled to wonder, despite the fact that we know that the pen has existed since the dawn of time. Why advertising pens still have the first places of advertising gifts and well the reasons are simple: Advertising pens remain among the few items that represent a truly variable budget in the sense that it is quite possible to graft your brand on a pen for three times nothing as it is just as possible to ostensibly increase the budget allocated for this purpose. Advertising pens remain essential objects; because of their importance because you always need to have a pen on hand, whether it is to record a telephone message, a meeting report or to complete a form or any administrative sheet to be completed. And the Advertising pens are perfectly sharpened to play the role of the pens that we would put on our desk, in the first drawer on the right or even that we hang on the pocket of a jacket. Advertising pens remain a practical tool that is not cumbersome for a penny and that you can have everywhere with you since you always needed a pen at hand. Advertising pens: remain the ultimate object for off-road satisfaction and I explain myself, always in line with the budget by giving someone a pen.  You can achieve several types of objectives by the nature of the pen offered, if you simply want to offer a pen as a reminder of your brand. You can do this as long as the pen is correct with a minimum of originality. And still with the pen you can change registers and surf the wave of luxury. And offer a luxurious pen and it will allow you to kill two birds with one stone. Not only will you be able to make the person to whom you have given the pen feel that you are giving it importance because these are the kind of gifts that are given to privileged people. The person will also feel that if you allow this kind of gift it is because your business is doing well. It is only a detail, as we all know, but in the business world every detail counts. The second advantage of offering a luxury pen is that it is the least expensive luxury item in terms of gift so you will give your customer or prospect the impression of having invested a lot without really ruining you.

Advertising pens for whom

It is clear that the most obvious answer and it is not a scoop for anyone to say that advertising pens are mainly intended for prospective customers in the sense that this practice has largely entered into death. On the other hand, many bosses forget that it is very important to invest in their own teams and employees. Many bosses forget. And this is especially true at the end of the year, when it is very important to take care of their employees. Few bosses give Christmas gifts to their employees. And most of those who do some kind of destocking operation, where they limit themselves to offering them gifts that have been moulding in the cupboards for quite some time. And that they didn't dare offer to their customers because they were so old and out-dated. Many bosses forget that an employee is as important as a customer. Don't make the same mistake; invest in your employees by giving them a great gift. A beautiful pen from a luxury brand, for example! You can only win, because employees will be touched by the action and will feel important. This will only strengthen their attachment to the company and improve their productivity Whether it is simple or sophisticated; the advertising pen remains an essential object in the business world. Take the time to choose yours carefully because I can never repeat it enough... It is certainly only a detail but in a company every detail counts!
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