For any company, the key challenge is to make itself known to consumers. In this quest for notoriety, various communication strategies are conceivable: the broadcasting of advertisements or the creation of advertising objects (goodies). This second method is a real success in terms of marketing communication. Indeed, consumers appreciate gifts and the fact that a company's logo is printed on them is no problem. With advertising objects, companies and customers are therefore in a win-win situation. You may be wondering whether offering promotional gifts is beneficial to your company or not. Find out how this strategy affects consumers.

An effective technique to attract new customers

Advertising spots and posters are considered too ubiquitous. Consumers therefore tend to lose interest in these traditional forms of advertising. To communicate differently, promotional gifts are an excellent alternative. As soon as someone uses an object with your logo on it, they unconsciously promote your company to those around them. Your brand is therefore present at the very heart of consumers' lives, and with subtlety. Prospects can easily remember your brand, logo, business sector and commercial offers (products or services). If necessary, they will know which company to contact. Sharing personalized advertising objects helps to boost sales. In terms of cost, the creation of goodies is very advantageous. You can add your logo on any object from the simplest to the most valuable: pen, key ring, cap, muge, USB key, t-shirt, etc.

A winning strategy to build customer loyalty

Giving a promotional gift to a consumer is also a way to reward his loyalty. Customers therefore feel valued by this or that company. With this in mind, commercial relations between buyer and seller are strengthened. Generally, consumers who have received a corporate gift become loyal customers of the brand. This can only boost your turnover. Receiving a gift is always a pleasure. This is why these privileged customers willingly share this good experience with their family and friends. The seduction operation will therefore have a positive impact on your current customers and prospects. As a marketing communication strategy, giveaways are a good return on investment for companies. Their effect is also long-term, as consumers tend to use advertising objects several years after acquisition. In these respects, advertising objects differ considerably from advertising in the media. Indeed, advertising spots are a short-term and more expensive marketing communication technique. Small businesses advertise over a short period of time because using this advertising strategy is expensive. The effectiveness of this method of communication is also declining sharply. It must be said that consumers are becoming increasingly indifferent to advertising spots. In addition, the appeal disappears as soon as the advertising stops.

An effective way to strengthen relationships with partners

In addition to consumers, you can offer personalised promotional gifts to your employees in the broadest sense: company employees, suppliers, resellers, sales representatives, etc. The presentation of the gift is a privileged moment between the company and its partners. When you want to offer company gifts internally, you can organize a challenge between employees. This makes it possible to stimulate employee performance while conveying the company's policy of meritocracy. The exclusivity of the gift also encourages employees to keep the various items received long after they have been received. Advertising goodies are the ideal gifts to mark an important event in business relationships: anniversary date of the partnership, thanks from employees for achieving the result, etc. The best way is to distribute gifts to your partners in direct contact with customers: sales representatives, shelf salespeople, sales animators, hostesses at major events... The latter will become ambassadors for your brand, just by using the products on a daily basis.

A winning strategy to maintain the company's image

Promotional gifts are an effective marketing strategy, especially when the company takes the time to choose the right product and present it carefully. The more valuable the object, the more consumers associate a strong value with the brand image. Customised goodies therefore provide an overview of the company's performance. The most popular advertising items at the moment are computer gadgets (USB stick, headphones, headphones, etc.), textiles and mugs. This shows that consumers are more demanding in terms of advertising objects. As a result, the company must constantly improve its range of promotional gifts in order to remain competitive in the eyes of customers.