The importance of advertising objects in a marketing strategy

Nowadays, many companies still use the mass media, i.e. radio and television, to broadcast their ads. There are a few that use social networks, posters, and other channels. But since the appearance of advertising objects, most of these companies have tried to make another adventure, and have made this novelty their marketing strategies. What is the point of these promotional gifts? What objects should companies offer? In this article, find out the answers.

Promotional item

Among the different communication systems used by the company is advertising by object. It consists in communicating with personalized advertising objects. Having appeared in the 18th century, communication by the object retains more than ever a central place in marketing strategy. Thus, most companies spend a significant part of their advertising budget on advertising objects. Today, the market for promotional gifts is growing more and more, so much so that several companies have made promotional gifts their specialty. According to the figures, 95% of French people keep or offer to relatives the advertising items they have received. For those who do not yet know, an advertising object is an object that the company offers to its prospective customers and that includes the logo, name and slogan of the company or one of the brands it develops. This type of object can also be offered to service providers, employees and suppliers who work with the company.

What is the interest of advertising objects in marketing strategy?

Advertising goodies can be distributed on various occasions such as:
  • Training seminars
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Launches of services or products
  • Sponsorships
Almost all people who have received goodies from companies use them. The main reason is the usefulness of the gifts. But customers also keep the objects given to them for hedonic reasons such as the originality of the gifts. There are also people who keep the gifts, because they are attached to the brand. And according to statistics, almost everyone remembers the name of the brand on the object. Thus, the gifts that companies offer to customers and prospects must play an important role in their marketing strategy. Communication through advertising is an excellent way to: Attracting new customers: by distributing goodies, the company makes its name known. By receiving these goodies, the person receiving the gift will seek more information about the company and its activity. Building customer loyalty: by receiving promotional gifts, the customer feels valued. This reinforces his attachment to the company or brand. Promote a product: when a new product or service is launched by the company, one of the best ways to promote it is to distribute promotional gifts. Customers will find it easier to remember the name of the new product or service. Develop the company's reputation and improve its image: thanks to communication through the object, a company stands out from its competitors. The better the gifts are chosen, the more the company is known.

What promotional item to offer?

While the famous pens, calendars and notepads are still very popular today, other types of promotional gifts are becoming more and more popular. Among the most popular are:
  • The mugs
  • High-tech objects
  • Shopping bags
  • Bags and luggage
  • The sunglasses
  • Umbrellas
  • Textiles,
  • Objects for the house, etc.
But the choice of objects to offer should not be made lightly. Before deciding, you must first:

Determine the target: age groups, gender, etc.

Define the reason why the gift is offered: is it to promote a product? Is it for the company's anniversary? Or it is for other reasons?

The message or value to be conveyed

The purpose of distributing the promotional gift is to impress the customer and prospects. It must therefore be useful to him and correspond to his needs. It should always be remembered that the more the customer uses the object in his daily life, the more the name of the company or brand remains in his head.

Where can I find advertising items?

Several companies have specialized in the sale of promotional items. However, you must choose your service provider carefully in order to have good quality products. The selected company must be experienced in advertising objects. She can give advice in the choice of the type of object that will be in adequacy with the marketing strategy and the target. The company must also be able to design customised goodies. The marking, which must be of good quality, must be adapted to the object. In addition, the company must be responsive, meet the deadlines for orders and deliveries and offer a wide choice of goodies, from the simplest and most classic to the most original and modern.  
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