Advertising pens are among the most widely used advertising objects by companies to gain visibility. They are classic, but useful at the same time. Cheaper and offering a multitude of choices to stand out, advertising pens can bring added value to your brand.

What is an advertising pen?

An advertising pen is a personalized pen. You can find different types of advertising pens and you can choose a blue or black ink pen. Even if it is a rather classic object, customization can revolutionize it. The most important thing is to play on the visual with advertising information in the form of text, images or graphics. Sometimes you don't even need advertising messages on your pen. The colours that are part of the company's graphic charter are more than enough when the company already has a strong reputation. In this case, as much information as possible should be shared about personalized advertising pens. In addition to the traditional style, you can turn to a more sophisticated model such as a ballpoint pen, a grip pen, a pen with a push button, a cap pen or a swivel style. You can also stand out from the crowd and offer a personalized pencil, felt pen, rollerblade or highlighter.

What are the advantages of an advertising style?

The advertising pen is an effective communication tool to easily reach your targets. It is an object that combines functionality and aesthetics to seduce users. Who wouldn't need a pen in life? You can be sure that if you share personalized pens, they will not end up in the dustbin like other less promising advertising gadgets. You don't have to invest much in marketing research before you adopt a cheap advertising pen. Other goodies may or may not please users. A pen, however common it may be, will always be very useful. And when you add a touch of delicate personalization, the effect is doubled. In addition, you can distribute your advertising pens en masse to increase your company's visibility. Then, you can distribute them at a commercial, cultural or sporting event in which the company participates. Then, you can offer your pens to thank your customers for their loyalty or to recognize your best customers. In addition, advertising pens are more affordable than other desktop gadgets. What's more, they have a long lifespan to cover a long period of time and a larger geographical area to convey your message. Indeed, a pen can very quickly pass from one person to another. In short, the cheap personalised advertising pen guarantees maximum exposure of the brand.

Where to distribute your advertising pens?

There are several opportunities to distribute your goodies. If the goal is to reach as many customers or future customers as possible; you must share your personalized advertising pens in your office. This is valid if you receive customers regularly. You can also make them available on your exhibition stands during an event. Outside of trade shows, it is possible to share these pens outside a concert hall or sports tournament. And why not do street marketing? On the other hand, if your goal is not to make a wide distribution, but rather to thank and retain your customers, you can give them the customizable pen by hand. You can also send it by parcel in a pretty box to show your respect. If it is for a particular customer, it is important to also customize the case for a single pen and the box if you offer an assortment of products.

Guide to choosing your advertising style

In general, the style is engraved with the company's contact details, a representative logo, photo or image and possibly a short message. However, to contain all this information, you need a pen of a significant size. Avoid cluttering the visual of your personalized business pen. Lighten the information to arouse curiosity and encourage reading. So, when choosing your advertising pens, you must take into account the type, shape and colour. Care must be taken when choosing in the face of the oversupply on the market. Choose the format according to the message you want to engrave on the pen. Some models offer a larger marking area than others. The colours used must be in accordance with your graphic charter. Depending on your desires, you can choose a pen, a felt pen or a promotional pencil. Then you have to look at the manufacturing materials. A plastic pen is recommended for the quantity. It is to be distributed to prospects and future customers. Natural materials should be used to thank loyal customers. Choose a bamboo, wooden or cork pen. Many companies are also turning to recycled paper or corn-starch pens to demonstrate their ecological value.