How to choose bracelets for an event?

During an event, identification bracelets are required for various reasons. Whether it is a sporting, cultural, private or charitable event, wearing a bracelet is always recommended. Currently, there are all kinds of them and there is a lot of choice in terms of material, type, style, model, etc. By opting for a batch of bracelets without marking, it can be delivered within 1 to 2 days after receipt of payment. If you choose a batch of bracelets with marking instead, you must allow extra time for personalization. But this period is indicated on the product sheet. Therefore, how to choose event bracelets and what to consider?

Event bracelets

In order to obtain the best material for your event bracelet, you must first know which event it is. Indeed, the accessory must adapt and correspond to the seminar, exhibition, concert, festival or event itself. Thus, if we decide to distribute them, we must choose the material according to the size, duration, type, theme, audience, in short, the particularities of the event. For example, the choice of an identification bracelet will not be the same for a gala and a concert. Or for a trade fair or exhibition, the event bracelet will not be the same for a sports event. This is also the case for a festival that will only last a few hours and another that will take place over several days. In addition, the budget for the distribution of bracelets must also be taken into consideration. Not all accessories are equal, and there is also an additional cost if they are personalized bracelets. Then, concerning the material, its cost will also depend on the type of event. Otherwise, all materials have their own characteristics and characteristics. Whether it is a plastic, paper, silicone, fabric, vinyl, rubber bracelet with an RFID chip, you must choose it according to your budget and the type of event. We must also take the time to find concepts for event and advertising bracelets before deciding. In addition, the event will be much more successful and will remain etched in the memories of visitors and they will also have a memory. The budget and organization of a concert, a festival and so on should not be taken lightly. They are a key element for the development of the brand's image.

Fabric bracelets

A fabric bracelet is the right thing for large events. We have concerts, festivals and exhibitions. Fabric bracelets are perfect for storing and as a souvenir. They are also available in many colours and can be customized as desired. The fabric of this accessory can be made of polyester, satin, etc. They are generally offered to several thousand people. However, the unit price is very affordable. As far as the budget is concerned, we don't have to worry too much. Despite the low price, the quality remains excellent and really satisfactory. The fabric bracelets are strong and resistant. They can withstand intense and repetitive movements, sweating, friction... The greatest advantage of this accessory is undoubtedly the fact that it can be customized as desired. There are all possible colors, and you can choose the one that is compatible with your logo and sign. In addition, the satin or polyester bracelets are of very good quality. With sublimation printing technology, the patterns printed on it are all very clear, and not to mention the impeccable finish.

RFID wristbands

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) bracelets are recommended for very large events. We are talking about fundraising, auctions, etc. This accessory offers extremely efficient and advanced technical assistance for entry and exchanges during the event. But it also makes it easier to manage the comings and goings in the room. It is a personalized bracelet equipped with automatic terminals which, as its name suggests, automatically manage the inputs via an antenna and the chip implanted inside. Apart from that, we notice that the queues at this type of event are shorter because the entry is really fast and fluid. As far as security is concerned, RFID wristbands are also very practical in this regard. This is normal because they guarantee better management of visitors' comings and goings. In addition, they do not have to worry about thieves because the chip is recharged with credit to simplify possible payments at the event.

Silicone bracelets

If the event we are organizing is going to take place in relatively difficult conditions, with the risk of rain, lots of sun, etc., silicone will be perfectly suited to this type of situation. Moreover, a silicone bracelet is a real advantage over a rubber bracelet. Already, silicone is manufactured without latex, so it can be reused without any health concerns. In addition, silicone bracelets are exceptionally robust. Regarding its printing, they can be compatible with intaglio or relief printing. The great thing about this accessory is that it is very versatile and can be used for all kinds of events. They are also available in all the colours you want. And silicone is a material of excellent quality.

Synthetic bracelets

A synthetic bracelet is a bracelet that looks like paper. It is made of polyethylene fibres. This accessory is very light and rather elastic like paper. However, it is resistant to humidity and therefore very effective in case of rain for example. As it is completely waterproof, there is no risk of it breaking. In any case, this bracelet can guarantee anti-fraud security during events. It can be closed with very resistant glue. Therefore, it cannot be removed without cutting it with a knife or scissors. As a result, it is impossible to use it again. Nor can we lend this accessory to smuggle someone in. This is why this product guarantees very good safety in its own way. It was designed to fight fraud, to prevent visitors from passing through without paying. As far as suitable events and venues are concerned, the synthetic bracelet is particularly suitable for festivals, VIP lounges, private parties, etc. In a festival, there are a lot of comings and goings and so it is used to avoid any possible fraud. Secondly, it can help to differentiate festival-goers' access to additional services such as camping, for example. This prevents people who do not have access to it from entering it. The bracelet can therefore be used as a pass or invitation during a private event. It can also represent an identification bracelet for people and access specific areas.
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